7 November 2017

[rF] TCL BTCC Skinpack by TCL Revival Team

Welecome to the overhaul of the British Touring Car Championship for TCL mod. New seasons, new skins, better accourancy for one of the most
noturious national champioship along with DTM. Feel the trill of competition along 19 years from 1983 to 1992.
New physis for Ford Sierra (Group N, BTCC 91-92 2.0 L engine), BMW M3 (1989 Prodrive gearbox, BTCC 91-92 2.0 L engine), Holden VK (1987),
Holden TWL (1988 specs), and right liverys and their proper drivers are ready to run.
Enjoy this full british pack.

TCL Revival Team




Before overwrite files, it's reccomanded to delete those folders from your TCL installation.

Gamedata/Veichles/TCL/Corolla Levin/BTCC89

Thanks to:

- TCL original team for original release, BTCC 84-85 and BTCC 1990 skinpacks.
- TTR guys for some skins that we use as base for our update skins
- touringcarracing.net , tentenths forum, the roaring season, SuperMPH1000 and to all others 80s motorsport site and fans that provides us photos, video and infoes over the web.


TCL 635 Pacecar and Talent rFm fix included in pack

A modified rfm that made work specific talents files for TCL from 1982 to 1992 for most of the drivers.
BMW 635 CSi Pacecar included, such as a new bik made long time ago by Pain-less.


Tourign Car Legends 1.1 mod avaible on TrippTeam Server

TCL Revival Team is just a small TCL fan people group not related in any case with original TCL Team. We're two separate teams.


BTCC 1983: Rot Teufel, philrob
BTCC 1984: TCL, Rot Teufel, intelpower
BTCC 1985: TCL, Rot Teufel, intelpower
BTCC 1986: TCL, Rot Teufel, intelpower, philrob
BTCC 1987: TCL, Rot Teufel, intelpower
BTCC 1988: TCL, Rot Teufel, intelpower, philrob
BTCC 1989: TCL, Rot Teufel, intelpower, philrob
BTCC 1990: TCL, Rot Teufel, intelpower, philrob
BTCC 1991: ale9567, philrob
BTCC 1992: ale9567, philrob

Reworked and new physis: philrob, Rot Teufel